Prekmurje has always been known as a place of kind and hospitable people, amazing food and excellent wine.

Our restaurant is divided into different corners (“koutov”), each adjusted to different guest groups.

PREKMURSKI KOUT: The corner for private events

This is the corner for private celebrations, smaller weddings, year-end functions, lectures, educational seminars, etc. Here, the menu and the table setting can be adjusted to your personal preferences, while the food can be served on platters or in a cold or hot buffet. This corner can be booked for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner and can accommodate up to 60 people.

DOLINSKI KOUT: The traditional Prekmurje cuisine corner

This corner is for our a la carte guests, who want to spoil their taste buds with traditional Prekmurje delicacies. For starters, we can offer you the regional specialty called meat in lard, followed by Čarda’s culinary hit i.e. bograč (stew with meat and potatoes) and different Čarda plates with fried chicken, roast pork with garlic (ciganska pečenka), dödöli and other local specialties. For dessert, you can try our strudl or the traditional Prekmurje layered cake called gibanica (made of cottage cheese, apples, walnuts, poppy seeds and thin layers of pastry on the bottom and top). This corner can accommodate up to 30 guests.

RAVENSKI KOUT: The bar corner

Around here people believe that every good story starts and ends at the bar. Therefore, this corner is the perfect choice for a short stop or gattering with friends over a cup of coffee or a glass of our refreshing “prekmurski špricer” (white wine with soda water). The bar area is appropriate for smaller groups of max. 20 people.

GORIČKI KOUT: The brick oven corner

This area is intended for private parties and social gatherings, smaller family reunions or business events of up to 15 people.

COVERED TERRACE with a kids’ playground

The terrace is suitable for the warmer seasons.
It opens in the spring, when the storks return to the region and closes when the nearby rye, corn or pumpkin fields have been harvested.
It can accommodate up to 60 guests.

Given the rich variety of food and drinks we are offering, nobody ever leaves Čarda hungry or thirsty and neither will you!